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Jan Longwell Landscape Architecture

Jan Longwell Landscape Architecture specializes in designing spaces for commercial, institutional, and residential use. We integrate the temporal qualities of nature with architecture principles to inform our design aesthetic. For us, the landscape involves delineated spaces, patterns of growth and decline and fundamental sensate experiences of human awareness. By defining the landscape as part of a larger realm, we better understand and respect the many components of a site: we are able to more accurately respond to the specifics of each place and successfully create designs that are a product of the place and those that inhabit it.

For each project, we research our client's desires, the site, the architecture, and the multi-dimensional landscape to uncover solutions that bring place, concepts, and carefully chosen materials together in a meaningful way. During construction, we work closely with the contractors which allows for a seamless transition form concept design through construction.

Jan Longwell received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan and later received her master's degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. She has been recognized in several award winning international competitions where her work has been displayed in public shows and galleries